Pre-stressed concrete piping with steel cylinder

We have installed over 1000 km of steel cylinder, pre-stressed concrete piping, making it one of our most competitive products. Each pipe measures six metres in service length, and can be used for pressure services from 1-25 bar with diameters of between 500 and 2000 mm.

The pipe is formed with a core of high strength concrete covered by a steel cylinder for water-tightness. The active reinforcement consists of a pre-stressed steel wire spiral wound around the core. This unit, called the primary set (the strength part), is finally coated with an outer layer of concrete, the purpose of which is to protect the reinforcement mesh.

The elastic joint is made of metallic heads welded to the steel jacket. The male head has a groove in which a 20 mm diameter rubber seal O ring is fitted during manufacture, while the female head is flared in shape but with a straight section where the rubber O-ring is housed. The entire joint is easy to assemble and due to strict manufacturing tolerances, provides a highly secure seal.

Advantages of steel cylinder concrete pipes:

  • Manufactured in series to customer requirements.
  • Highly resistant to impact.
  • Great durability.
  • No need for conservation or maintenance.
  • Reduced head loss over time.
  • Non-pollutant.
  • Metal parts fully passivated for permanent protection against corrosion.
  • Organoleptic properties of water unaffected.
  • Not sensitive to the effects of fatigue caused by variations in pressure.
  • Unaffected by rust caused by induced (stray) currents.
  • Performs much better against deforming stress than other materials, given that it has great transversal rigidity.
  • Meet all the requirements set forth in UNE-EN standards 639, 641 and 642, the Instituto Eduardo Torroja work instruction for pre-stressed or reinforced concrete piping.