Reinforced concrete piping with steel cylinder

Steel cylinder reinforced concrete piping is made of a concrete wall containing a steel cylinder . This provides water-tightness and enhances its overall strength, in addition to the transversal and longitudinal stiffened reinforcements.

These pipes, like the pre-stressed concrete pipes, can be manufactured with two types of joints: welded joints (rigid) and elastic joints (flexible with a metal nozzle and rubber seal ring). Service length ranges between six and seven metres and diameters between 1000 and 2500 mm.

Prefabricados Delta has manufactured to date around 500 km of this type of piping.

Advantages of steel cylinder concrete pipes:

  • Manufactured in series to customer requirements.
  • Highly resistant to impact.
  • Great durability.
  • No need for conservation or maintenance.
  • Reduced head loss over time.
  • Non-pollutant.
  • Metal parts fully passivated for permanent protection against corrosion.
  • Organoleptic properties of water unaffected.
  • Not sensitive to the effects of fatigue caused by variations in pressure.
  • Unaffected by rust caused by induced (stray) currents.
  • Performs much better against deforming stress than other materials, given that it has great transversal rigidity.
  • Meet all the requirements set forth in UNE-EN standards 639, 641 and 642, the Instituto Eduardo Torroja work instruction for pre-stressed or reinforced concrete piping.