The Humanes Factory is located in the Humanes de Madrid municipality, around 35 km from the capital.

The factory has a total surface area of 110,000 m2 and an indoor surface area of 13,500 m2.

The factory has three manufacturing lines:

  • Manufacturing of steel cylinder concrete pipes (reinforced and pre-stressed)
  • Manufacturing of glass reinforced polyester pipes (GRP).
  • Manufacturing line for other precast concrete products (segments, sleepers, etc.)

Regarding the control of products and processes established in the Quality System, the factory has its own laboratory in which tests are conducted on components, concrete samples and on GRP pipe samples. It also has a universal machine for testing ferrous products.

With the addition of the large factory on the internal organisation chart and experience in the field of hydraulic and civil works, we firmly believe our technical ability and the skills of our workforce will enable us to fully meet the needs of our clients with our solutions.