Concrete segments

The reinforcement frame is made from electro-welded wire mesh and iron. It is made on benches by tying the side frames and stiffeners to the mesh.

Ready-made reinforcement frames are stored on a sorting trolley, from where they are transferred to the moulding department as required.

Concreting takes place on two moulding lines working simultaneously. The process begins by selecting an appropriate reinforcement frame to be filled from the sorting trolley. The frame is transported to the mould by means of the bridge crane. Concrete pouring is carried out by a semi-portal scraper with a built-in hopper. Concrete is fed to the semi-portal scraper directly by the concrete plant onto the hopper.

Once the ring stone has been concreted and has stood for some time, curing is accelerated with independent monitoring of each mould. Once curing has completed and after a standing time, the piece is removed from the mould using a suction cup suspended from a bridge crane. The segment is then transferred to the turner, which in turn deposits it on the exit line.

After statutory checks and marking, the ring stone runs under a gantry on the exit line, where the joint is fitted.

The parts are water cured until being shipped to the site.