Letter from the Director

Our company will soon be celebrating its 50th year in business. This milestone provides us with a good opportunity to reflect on what we achieved and how we can continue to deliver the best service to our clients across all the sectors in which we work.

When we installed our first pipes in 1968, which measured a significant diameter of 1,800 mm and 19 atm, our identity, reliability and guarantee of continuity were already being established. Those pipes, and thousands of miles more since then, continue to provide a service without end users being aware of their presence. This is down to their reliability.

When we manufactured those first pipes, the employees of Prefabricados Delta showed the teamwork, technical accuracy and ingenuity to develop innovative products of the highest quality. It is thanks to the clear ideas the company had back then, that we are still here today and approaching the future with optimism.

We are constantly providing our clients with new products and services, but we still hold on to the values that have brought us here. We also extending their application to the challenges that arise along the way, recently this has included prioritising the environment in all our business activity.

We have maintained the same thoroughness in the manufacturing of the railway sleepers, glass reinforced polyester pipes, segments for tunnel construction and the post-tensioned girders that we are installing in Saudi Arabia. This is how we maintain the highest levels of quality.

The future that awaits us brings many uncertainties, but also many opportunities. Reliable materials that provide a service for decades to come will certainly be required though. The Prefabricados Delta team will continue to apply all of these values in their work, to ensure that our clients continue to receive the materials they need.

Rafael Villa López
Managing Director